Anti-Racism Resources

FCCNE stands in solidarity with all Asian adoptees, Asian Americans, our families, and our communities to #StopAsianHate and support each other.

In March 2021 we joined with the Asian Pacific Islanders Civic Action Network (APIs CAN), hundreds of community organizations, elected officials, and individuals to denounce violence against Asian American individuals and communities in all forms, stand against racism, and advance equity. You can see the collective response at this link: Community Organizations Respond to Anti-Asian Violence & the Targeted Murders in Atlanta 

We provide this list of links as a resource to adoptees, their families and friends. Please note that inclusion of a resource on this list does not imply an endorsement by FCCNE.

Talking About Racism

Talking to Kids About Asian American Identity and Racism – A Parent’s Guide from Immigrant History Initiative

Talking to Kids About Racisim – A Guide for Parents and Educators from Act To Change

How to Talk with Asian American Youth About Racism – Guidance for Adults from Apex for Youth

Talk and Take Action: Parents’ and Educator’s Guide to Stopping AAPI Hate – Download this free pdf guide from nickelodeon, developed by the Conscious Kid,an education organization that supports families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism.

A Guide to Combatting Anti-Asian Racism – from Relationships to the Workplace – For both Asians and non-Asians from NBC Asian America

Dealing with Bias and Hate Incidents

Bystander Intervention Training to Stop Anti-Asian/American and Xenophobic Harrassment was created by Hollaback! in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice to address the rise in anti-Asian American harassment and is useful in other situations as well. Many of our families have found their free online training sessions especially helpful – register at the Bystander Intervention Training link.

Show Up: Your Guide to Bystander Intervention – Hollaback! discusses the role bystanders can play, what privilege is, reasons why people don’t take action, and the 5D’s of bystander intervention.

Safety Tips for Those Witnessing or Experiencing Hate – from Stop AAPI Hate.

Report a Hate Incident – Hate incidents and crimes often go unreported. You can help raise awareness by reporting any verbal or physical harassment or violence to and/or to (Please note that all personal information will be kept confidential.)

2021 Asian American Bullying Survey Report – produced by Act To Change in partnership with Next Shark and ADMERASIA includes a resource for families on what to do when their child is bullied. 

Massachusetts Asian American Commission Community Action Guide
Staff at the Asian American Commission created this comprehensive guide to help respond to the rise in hate incidents against the AAPI community.

Dealing with Denial of Racism, “The Art of the Denial” by Phillipe Copelanda really helpful way to identify and deal with racism denial that we all encounter on a daily basis with friends, family, colleagues and strangers: such as “You’re overreacting”, “I don’t see race”, “They were raised that way, they can’t help it” and much more.

Mental and Physical Health

COVID-19 related racism and effects on mental health – Fact Sheet from Mass General Hospital

Asian American Racism & Mental Health Resources – Racial trauma is real. It makes the world feel less safe and causes emotional and physical problems. Yet far too often, victims of racial trauma struggle in shame and silence, or even have their pain invalidated or minimized by well-intentioned friends and family who lack adequate education or tools. See these curated resources for mental health from MGH Center for Cross Cultural Student Wellness, tailored toward students, parents, educators, mental health clinicians, and allies/the general public.

Asian American Therapist Directory – from the Asian Mental Health Collective, therapists listed by state.

Adoptee-Therapists Directory – A list of licensed U.S. mental health professionals who identify as adoptees & work with adoptees/adoptive families in a variety of public & private settings.

How parents can support kids through (and beyond) the latest wave of anti-Asian American violence – Tips for both Asian and non-Asian parents (CNN March 2021)

The Asian Americans with Disabilities Resource Guide was created to combat ableism, amplify the voices of disabled Asian Americans nationwide, and equip the next generation of disabled Asian Americans to feel like they have a place in the world.Written by disabled Asian Americans for disabled Asian Americans, available free.

Asian American Representation, History and Identity

Asian American Curriculum Project Bookshop a nonprofit working to educate the general public about Asian and Pacific Islander American culture, history, and current experiences through books and materials.

We Need Diverse Books “Imagine a world in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.” The non-profit We Need Diverse Books provides resources for Race, Equity, Anti-Racism and Inclusion.

Asian Americans PBS: Documentary series examines the history and impact of Asian Americans on the country.

The Visibility Project- uplifts stories and images of the national queer Asian Pacific American women and transgender community through accessible visual arts and unfiltered documentary interviews.

Articles on Race and Adoptees

How to talk to parents about race if you’re adopted or multiracial – “Talking with family about race and racism can be uncomfortable for anyone, but for people of color who have a white parent or parents — including multiracial children and transracial adoptees — confronting white parents can be a particularly painful and taxing process.” (NBC News Dec 2020)

I’m not allowed to feel those things’: How adoptees experience anti-Asian hate  – “In light of the horrific events in Georgia and around the country during this pandemic, these people have been wondering where they fit in,” said Iris Chin Ponte, a professor at Lesley University and a specialist in early education, who has been leading adoptee support groups for more than 20 years. (Iris Chin Ponte is also a board member at FCCNE) (Los Angeles Times Apr 2021)

Adoptees express their fear, anger and insight on race during social unrest – “Many of the millions of adoptees across the country say it’s been difficult for them to express their feelings about social unrest. Raised, in many cases, by parents of a different race and nationality, adoptees have unique perspectives on race and racism in America that aren’t heard often.”(NPR November 2021)

Why ‘Colorblindness’ Doesn’t Work for Transracial Adoptions — and How to Get It Right – “Many adopted children of color struggle with their identities and white parents who cling to this narrative [of “colorblindness”] are doing their children a disservice. What is important for adoptive parents to realize is that their privilege will not protect their children of color as they face discrimination and racism. They need to prepare their children for a world that does see color.” (People Magazine, November 2021)

What Would My White Family Think About Anti-Asian Racism? “I hope that every white parent of an Asian child is paying attention to the rise in anti-Asian hate. I hope that white people with Asian family members recognize and internalize the fact that no amount of love, good intentions, assimilation or proximity to whiteness will protect their loved ones from racism. I hope that every parent is thinking about how they will talk about anti-Asian prejudice with their children.” (TIME, March 2021)